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My name is Benz and I am a German Shepherd dog. As you can tell I am very photogenic and also very bored - so when I'm at home by myself I work on my web page. There are a lot of pictures of me and my buddies here so take your time and enjoy the sights of me. Wuff at you later.

09.11.2003: New puppy! OK, not really, but this is what four days of brushing on the porch adds up to. It is a bigger pile of fur than Benz was when we got him.Picture 1, Picture 2.

09.09.2002: The football season has started ladies and gentleman, and I am here decked out in my full uniform. Go Gators! Picture 1, Picture 2.

04.07.2002: Greater Gainesville Dog Fanciers Association show. First doggy show, took a couple of pictures of the "competition." Click here to see them.

03.25.2002: Benz just got some brothers and sisters. There are three boys and two girls in the Tampa area (born two weeks ago). You can see their beautiful parents and puppies below. If you're interested please let me know @ benz@vlad.net.

02.27.2002: Benz Doggy Park 2. Click here to see Benz and his park Pals.

01.13.2002: Benz Doggy Park. Click here to see Benz's first visit to a dog park.

01.13.2002: Benz Around The House. Click here to see random pictures of Benz around the house.

12.18.2001: Benz Christmas Pictures. Click here..

11.29.2001: Benz Thanksgiving Pictures. Click here..

11.17.2001: Pictures of Benz during his first week with us. Yes, lots of cute puppy moments, sleeping, begging for food, chewing everything in sight... Our little bundle of terror. Click here for the slideshow.

11.11.2001: Benz's first bath. Yes, what better way to agitate a police dog thats just growing out his teeth than to subject him to a nice dip in the water. After all, dogs love water, they even make shampoos for them... Click here for the recipe.

11.10.2001: Alright, we got the puppy today and he is with us in Gainesville. As you might imagine, puppy imediately wet the carpet. We took a few pictures of him being in that adorable-fear-for-life stage and he is currently asleep in his open cage. Damn this dog rocks. Click here for the slideshow.

11.3.2001: So far we only have one set of puppy pictures (at 4 weeks) with his mommy, daddy, and three of his sisters. Please click here to see the slideshow.. If you want to take a look at high resolution images, take a look at the film strip.

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